The Modules


There are 6 Modules to Master switching from Survival Mode to Living & Problem Solving Mode.



Each Module is designed to explain the thinking-emotional-nervous system and demanding paradigm cycle.

You will learn how to practically interrupt each cycle as you move into living mode.

At the same time, you will be in the driver’s seat allowing you to apply problem-solving tools so you can live a life that you really want – enjoy and brings value to your life.

Each Module takes an hour and is packed with theory and practical tools that you can apply right after each session.


Module 1

Topic: System 1 Thinking & Automatic feelings.
Goal: Unhook automatic thinking and interrupt the thinking cycle.

Module 2

Topic: Experiencing self & the Nervous System
Goal: Letting feelings flow without escalating to emotional disturbance

Module 3

Topic: System 2 thinking & Destimulating Intense Feelings
Goal: Direct thoughts & Change the level of your Feelings

Module 4

Topic: Your unique Value Map
Goal: Create a Life Direction that anchors through urges, desires and intense feelings. Otherwise, life has very little meaning and direction.

Module 5

Topic: The Art of Communication
Goal: Learn to set boundaries & communicate to get what you want and accept what is out of your control.

Module 6

Topic: System 0 Thinking
Goal: Discovering Who I am & the root of every thought, feeling and choice. This is the Art of True Meditation.


You can choose to do the modules alone. You will have a personal experience that is geared specifically to you.

With Your Partner

There are many advantages to doing the modules with your partner. This becomes a joint learning and practising experience.

With Your Kids

The modules can be geared towards you and your children. There is a tremendous advantage in learning and practising these principles from a young age (13 years and older)

In Groups

The modules can be given in groups. A certain sense of healing and resolve is experienced only in a group of people.

At Work

You will increase efficiency and communication when you take the modules in a work setting. This also creates an environment focusing on self and professional development.


Our modules can be applied to losing weight, improving communication, getting over a breakup/divorce, and improving romantic and family relationships.

How so? No matter the situation, we are all human beings. Understanding the mind-body connection and learning the tools to practice switching from survival mode to living in problem-solving mode applies to every single situation in your life.

How it works

The Program

Modules Design

There are 6 Modules in the program.

Module Duration

1 hour per Module. This program includes 6 modules = 6 hours.

Program Duration

1 hour once a week for 6 weeks or 2 hours once a week for 3 weeks


Zoom session or in person or at your office


There are 5-20 people per group unless private sessions or a workshop is requested within your own company.


PDF PowerPoint summaries of each session and an application method of the week.

Corporate Setting for the Workshops

The corporate workshops are designed for learning in a group setting and then practicing our principles and methods within your company.

Many people have reservations about therapy or mindfulness sessions, especially taken on a personal level. But if you can see the benefits on a corporate level, personal self-growth begins as a process of pursuing professional productivity and efficiency. There is no resistance because everyone wants to maximize professional success.

Your results in the workplace will naturally spill into your personal life. After all, you are the same person in your professional and personal life.

Additionally, the culture within the workshops is relatable because it is experienced in a group setting with same-level executives dealing with similar goals and challenges while learning our unique principles and practical methods.

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